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Wandsworth Common Exercise Classes


Wandsworth Common exercise classes are run by Peak XV Fitness and take place on the Common at the corner of Nightingale Lane and Bolingbrook Grove. They are open to all ages and abilities. The classes run on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8pm and on a Sunday morning 10-11am. We operate in all conditions with people even coming out to train in the snow.


What Happens in Wandsworth Common Exercise Classes


The classes consist of 4 components. First we start off with a warm up, get the sinews warm and the heart pumping. We use dynamic movements and make sure you are ready for the workout ahead. Next we use cardiovascular drills to get you heart and lungs a workout. We use running drills, boxing, skipping and other workouts to get you out of puff. After that we put you through circuits using equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, TRX and bands to tone and strengthen those muscles.


Lastly we make sure you have a good warm down and a stretch to ease that post exercise fatigue and soreness that you might experience.


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wandsworth common exercise classesWe pride ourselves on having quality staff that are dedicated to giving you a great workout. We will motivate and push you to get a great workout, but we’ll never shout at you or penalize you for not being fit enough! Not only that we have a nutritional therapist that has designed a healthy nutrition guide for you to follow to help you lose weight or get in shape. We also run Bootcamp Wandsworth Common programmes throughout the year like our well-known “Rapid Fat Loss Plan” or our “Bikini Blitz” where our nutritional therapist specifically designs a weight loss plan to get you into shape. Plus we give you homework workouts posted on YouTube to follow at home to give that extra boost and get those extra results.


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So if you want to get in shape, get a nutrition guide designed by a nutritional therapist and get in the shape of your life try our Wandsworth Common exercise classes. We’ll give you a free week trial to see if you like it or not. No hassles, no fuss.


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