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Are you looking for an outdoor fitness class on Wandsworth Common? Well you don’t need to look any further –  just call us today. Our outdoor training groups not only offer great workouts, but they are a fun and social way to exercise. Many people enjoy the group environment and get inspired and motivated exercising with friends. Plus you have one of our instructors leading the session, telling you what to do, checking your technique and making sure you have a great workout.


outdoor fitness wandsworth commonOne of the secrets of Peak XV Fitness bootcamps is that we use weight bearing activities such as kettle bells, medicine balls and resistance exercise bands. These types of exercises are great as having a little extra muscle is a great way to burn extra calories and burn fat. These types of exercises also should help promote bone mineral density which is especially important for women, as it helps to offset the development of osteoporosis.


Summer is also a great time to join an outdoor fitness group to top up the vitamin D levels in the sun – great for the immune system, strong bones and healthy muscles.


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Some other great places to start to exercise would be Wandsworth Common exercise classes near Balham. Local council gyms are generally affordable and have reasonable facilities but you are left to your own devices in these places and unless you know what you are doing your might not get the best workouts to reach your goals. Also look at the Change For Life website and see what local schemes are going on in your area to get you active.


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If you don’t want to use outdoor fitness Wandsworth Common then  workout DVD’s from social role models such as the Pussy Cats Dolls dance routine or other celebrity fitness regimens will help trim the waistline and burn extra calories and is a good choice if you are a conscious exerciser or can’t get your head around exercising outdoors.


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